Computer Tips for Parents

Safety Tips

With the ever-increasing development of computer technology and the increasing number of people who are computer literate, it is much more likely that our children may be victimized or exploited in a computer environment.
Remind your children that no matter how safe or friendly a bulletin board service seems, there is always a potential for danger. Advise them to observe the following safety rules whenever they are online:
  • Never give out any personal information, particularly real names, phone numbers, and/or financial information, to anyone they meet on the bulletin board service.
  • Report all electronic harassment and/or abuse to their parents.
  • As parents, you should notify the bulletin board service’s SYSOP (the systems operator) of the problem. If the SYSOP does not give you satisfaction in stopping the abuse, notify the police.
  • Never set up face-to-face meetings with anyone they meet on the bulletin board service.
  • If anyone wants to meet face-to-face, children should tell their parents.
  • Safeguard all credit card and telephone card numbers
  • Parents should pay for bulletin board services by money order whenever possible.

Warning Signs of Possible Computer Crime Problems

  • Your child displays a lack of interest in self and appearance, grooming, or indications of lack of sleep.
  • Computer and modem running late at night, even when unattended.
  • Computer files ending in GIF, JPG, BMP, TIF, PCX, DL, GL, or FLI. These are picture or graphic image files and may be pictures of a sexual nature and can be of very high quality, including sound and movement.