Crime Alert – Imposter Burglary

Menomonee Falls Crime Alert

Over the past few months a group of subjects have been traveling throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota scamming elderly victims into thinking they are roofing contractors. Instead, they distract the victims and steal credit cards, money, jewelry and safes. This type of scam is also known as an “imposter burglary.”

Suspect(s) will pretend to be legitimate worker(s) and approach senior citizen home owners at their residences with a seemingly legitimate ruse. Their real purpose is to divert the homeowner while their accomplices search for currency and jewelry.

Some of the more frequently used ploys by the suspects are: indicating they are from the local gas/electric company; posing as a water department employee to inspect the water pipes and/or to replace the water meter; a request to use the bathroom; a cable TV company employee; roofing/gutter repair and paving company contractor; city inspector(s), surveyor(s), and tree trimmer(s); or government personnel from a social service agency.

Many of the impostor burglars may use bogus photo identification cards, legitimate looking work uniforms, and vehicles made to look like government or company vehicles. They may also communicate with hand-held radios or cell phones. Women and children may also accompany male suspects and participate in the diversion of the homeowner.

Also, the suspects have been known to ask a victim to break a $100 bill. This allows the suspect(s) to determine where the victim keeps their money. The victim is distracted either inside the house by turning a light switch on and off, knocking on water pipes, etc.; or showing the victim damage outside of the home, determining property lines, etc. Once the victim is distracted, the unseen suspects enter the home and remove the money and jewelry.

Attached are photos of the suspects, the blonde female and child are with the male suspect. There is also a photo of the suspect vehicle which is described as a newer model Chevy Crew Cab / Pewter in Color with a topper. One victim stated he observed paint cans in the back.


If you are a victim of imposter burglary or observe suspicious activity please contact the Menomonee Falls Menomonee Falls Police Department immediately at (262) 532-8700.