Crime Alert – Vehicle Thefts 08/28/17

The Menomonee Falls Police Department is investigating several thefts of
vehicles from recent days, all of which involved unlocked doors and keys left
in the vehicles. The thefts have not been limited to any particular area of
the village, and all have occurred while cars were parked at the victims’
What you can do:
• Keep all doors and windows of your vehicle locked, even at home.
• Do not keep the ignition key / electronic key (vehicles with
keyless ignitions) in the vehicle.
• Remove all valuables, including purses, wallets, money (even change),
computers and cell phones, from your car when you park, even at
• Park your car in a well-lit area, as close to your destination as possible.
• Report suspicious activity when you see it. Don’t wait.
Reporting a crime or suspicious circumstances:
If you are the victim of a crime or observe suspicious activity please contact
the Menomonee Falls Menomonee Falls Police Department immediately at
(262) 446-5070.