Home Safety Tips

Helpful Tips to Make Your Home Safer

  • Lock doors at night and anytime your home is left unoccupied.
  • All exterior doors should be solid core/steel and have deadbolt locks.
  • Provide lighting in outside areas that might conceal prowlers.
  • Trim shrubbery to prevent a break-in from going unnoticed.
  • Provide a peephole in solid doors. Put one at child’s eye view too.
  • Keep valuables in a safe deposit box.
  • Provide window stops to restrict openings.
  • Keep emergency numbers handy.
  • Have mail and paper deliveries picked up by a trusted neighbor or Block Watch Captain during vacations and absences.
  • Enlist the neighborhood to keep trash picked up.
  • Make sure grass is mowed.
  • Use light timers at all times, including times of absence.
  • Be sure the garage is locked.
  • Vacation plans should never be publicized or told to unknown persons.
  • Do not leave notes on doors referring to planned return times.
  • Do not leave suitcases where passersby can see that a departure is planned.
  • Be sure to have a trusted neighbor check the house periodically.
  • Engrave identification markings to all portable hard goods.
  • Be sure to lock car doors and keep keys in possession of owner.
  • Report suspicious person or vehicles to the authorities promptly.
  • Request identification of unfamiliar meter readers, etc.
  • Do not automatically open a door when the doorbell rings.
  • If you have an alarm system, use it often, even when you are home.
  • Report all crime or attempted crime promptly.
  • Join Neighborhood Watch