Daytime Burglaries – Crime Alert – Menomonee Falls

Menomonee Falls Crime Alert

The Village of Menomonee Falls and surrounding communities, have experienced an increase in daytime burglaries to residential homes.  In most instances entry to the victims’ homes is being made through the garage service door.  The criminal(s) will then steal jewelry, narcotics, electronics, firearms, and motor vehicles – if they can locate keys.

The suspects utilize the following scheme:  They will ring the front doorbell repeatedly.  If no one answers, they will enter into the home through unlocked doors/windows or they will force entry when necessary.  However, if someone answers the door, the suspect(s) will quickly provide the name of someone they are attempting to contact.  When the resident responds that they know no such person, the suspect will leave and attempt the same scheme elsewhere.  Please contact the police department immediately should you experience a similar occurrence at your residence – 262-532-8700.

Sgt. M.L.

Thank you for your help in keeping our community safe.”