Safety Tip for Garage Door Security

The article was on AOL.COM Feb 26th, 2014 done by KETV Newswatch 7.  $1 Fix could secure your garage from thieves.

While there are a number of ways thieves can break into homes, one of the easiest is through the garage door — after all, it is the biggest door in most homes.

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The automatic garage door isn’t as secure as many think, and thieves have discovered a simple way (according to KOAT, it takes just six seconds) to get inside.

Luckily, there is a very simple, inexpensive way to fend off garage bandits: the zip tie. Just thread a plastic zip tie through the emergency release latch (check out the video for a visual).

The zip tie should be strong enough that it would prevent a hanger from opening the garage door, but make sure you have enough strength to bust it in an emergency. An important note: If anyone in your family isn’t strong enough to disable it if necessary, this may not be the right option for you.