Menomonee Falls Police Citizen Academy

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If you are a resident of the Falls, you are formally invited to join the 14th class of the Menomonee Falls Police Citizen Academy that will commence this September. Our Citizen Police Academy is intended to teach our citizens about police work while building a better rapport with the community. To be clear, the Citizen Academy is not designed as a preparatory class for individuals who wish to become law enforcement officers. Rather, the class is an educational and informative offering for adults who reside or work in our Village and desire to learn more about our Police Department. The Citizen Academy will cover a plethora of subjects including Police Administration, Traffic Enforcement, Crash Investigation, Use of Force, Search & Seizure, Firearms, Tactical Enforcement Unit, Special Investigations Bureau, Drug Enforcement Unit,…
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Crime Alert – Grandparent Telephone Scam

Crime Reporting, Crime/Safety Alert, Neighborhood Watch News
Menomonee Falls Crime Alert Recently, the Menomonee Falls Police Department and surrounding agencies have received complaints of telephone scams in which a scammer will call claiming to be a police officer demanding bail for a relative, a relative calling for bail money or a kidnapper demanding ransom. These types of scams have been around for years and typically target the elderly. Victims will be directed to transfer money through a money wiring service to a location outside of the United States. The scam and scam artists have become more sophisticated. Thanks to the Internet and social networking sites, a criminal can sometimes uncover personal information about their targets, which makes the impersonations more believable. Common scenarios have included a grandparent receives a phone call or an e-mail from a “grandchild”…
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